Divulgation of the Industrial Safety, Environmental and Occupational Hygiene

As a professional multidiscipline engineering service consulting business, COPLAN, C.A conducts activities in a safe manner ensuring the health and wellbeing of Workers by meeting official and company’s Laws, Decrees, Standards, and Procedures on the subject of Industrial Safety, Environmental and Occupational Hygiene. Policy is based on the following principles:

  • Management establishes the standards and procedures for each work to execute; it provides the proper equipment, tools and elements; it provides the training to ensure that workers know their work and responsibilities in addition to the training in the area of Industrial Safety, Environmental and Occupational Hygiene.
  • To promote the work’s safety and health at all levels of the organization by way of the training of workers in their area and on the subject of Industrial Safety, Environmental and Occupational Hygiene, in addition to encouraging safe work environments.
  • To protect the Health, Safety and Wellbeing of Workers through inspection, supervision and adherence to specific measures to improve work conditions and environment in addition to the enjoyment of the spare and relaxation time, the recreation and the social tourism.

  • To ensure the protection of disabled workers by contributing to the full development of their aptitudes in accordance with their physical condition.
  • To offer equal opportunities for the Working Woman by establishing criteria and mechanisms that show special attention, thus avoiding discrimination. Similarly, to ensure the Protection to Maternity and Family by meeting the pregnant worker rights pursuant to the Work Organic Law.
  • To meet the Legal Regulations ruling the Work of the Under Age Individual and the Apprentice in order to ensure their protection and guarantees.
  • To be responsible for the environment by meeting Art. 127 of the Constitution, which ensures that the population will live in a pollution-free environment where air, water, soils, coasts, weather, the ozone layer, and the living species, are protected in accordance with the law.
  • In COPLAN, C.A we believe that excellence
  • in performance is achieved with leadership,
  • commitment, support,and participation of all employees
  • and associates. Therefore,we are committed to the quality
  • assurance, productivity, and safety in the development
  • of operations by safeguarding the physical
  • integrity of Workers.
  • Equipment, and the Environment.

    • Main Office:
      ADDRESS: Av. 4 Bella Vista con calle 70, Edif. Lisa María Piso 3, Ofic. 9.
      Maracaibo 4002. Venezuela.
    • +58 0261-798 12 13 / 0261-798 15 68 0261-798 84 91 / 0261-797 84 55 0261-797 86 01 / 0414-630 94 62 Fax: 0261-797 90 47.
    • coplan@coplan.com.ve
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  • NEWS

    • COPLAN was awarded the certification on the “QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ISO 9001 – 2008” by FONDONORMA
      December 09, 2010.
    • COPLAN handed over to Mr. Víctor Chacín a payment receipt for his Vitrectomy and Intraocular Lens Implant surgery.
      July 21, 2009.
    • COPLAN celebrated its XX Anniversary where workers and their families enjoyed a festive atmosphere.
      August 30, 2009.