COPLAN, C.A. is a professional engineering service consulting business specialized in the areas of Automation; Preparation of Conceptual, Basic and Detailed Engineering; Project Control, Consulting, and Procurement. It was established to develop and implement real and effective pioneer solutions oriented towards production increase, efficiency improvement, cost reduction and process optimization with supplementary areas that, as a whole, include the spectrum of conventional disciplines of the industrial and residential sector.


Conceptual, Basic and Detailed Engineering Services

Development of multidiscipline engineering in the conceptual, basic and detailed phases

. Conceptual Engineering identifies the technical and economical opportunity, in addition to the definition of project requirements by choosing the best option for the execution. The Basic Engineering is the definition stage of project where the scope and the real basis are stipulated. Last, the Detailed Engineering designs, calculates and details the entire project for the implementation and execution of work.

Technical Assistance and Project Management

COPLAN renders counseling, technical consulting services and provides the information required to develop multidiscipline projects; it is also in charge of managing, planning, controlling, arranging, and administering resources to execute a project.

Construction Inspection and Supervision

COPLAN is in charge of supervising, checking, and validating the execution on site of works at a construction, ensuring that national and international standards and norms are met as defined by client for the execution of works.

Quality Assurance and Control

Technical consulting, reviews, approvals, inspections regarding the quality of products developed in a project are made in order to implement norms, procedures, national and international standards that ensure the quality of products.

Supply of Staff for the Development of Projects

Supply of qualified staff to develop various types of activities for both the development of engineering projects and the contract administration or any other activity required by the client.

Supply of Staff for Inspection

Supply of qualified staff to inspect and validate any type of work. Inspection includes civil works such as bridges, city planning, roads, buildings, construction of process plants, integration of automation systems such as SCADA, PLC, distributed control systems, etc.


    • Main Office:
      ADDRESS: Av. 4 Bella Vista con calle 70, Edif. Lisa María Piso 3, Ofic. 9.
      Maracaibo 4002. Venezuela.
    • +58 0261-798 12 13 / 0261-798 15 68 0261-798 84 91 / 0261-797 84 55 0261-797 86 01 / 0414-630 94 62 Fax: 0261-797 90 47.
      Internal Mail
  • NEWS

    • COPLAN was awarded the certification on the “QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ISO 9001 – 2008” by FONDONORMA
      December 09, 2010.
    • COPLAN handed over to Mr. Víctor Chacín a payment receipt for his Vitrectomy and Intraocular Lens Implant surgery.
      July 21, 2009.
    • COPLAN celebrated its XX Anniversary where workers and their families enjoyed a festive atmosphere.
      August 30, 2009.