Conceptual, Basic and Detailed Engineering Services.

Coplan, c.a.

Established in 1989, COPLAN, C.A. offers multidiscipline professional engineering services, inspection, supply of personnel and execution of works under customer specifications pursuant to national and international standards through a team of qualified professionals provided with cutting-edge methods and technologies thus ensuring competitiveness, efficiency and organizational growth. More...


COPLAN, C.A. is a professional engineering service consulting business specialized in the areas of Automation; Preparation of Conceptual, Basic and Detailed Engineering; Project Control, Consulting, and Procurement. It was established to develop and implement real and effective pioneer solutions. More...


Currently, COPLAN, C.A has more than 24 years of experience in professional engineering services, specifically in the preparation of Conceptual, Basic and Detailed Engineering; Project Control, Consulting, and Procurement by satisfying customer’s needs and expectations. More...


    • Main Office:
      ADDRESS: Av. 4 Bella Vista con calle 70, Edif. Lisa María Piso 3, Ofic. 9.
      Maracaibo 4002. Venezuela.
    • +58 0261-798 12 13 / 0261-798 15 68 0261-798 84 91 / 0261-797 84 55 0261-797 86 01 / 0414-630 94 62 Fax: 0261-797 90 47.
      Internal Mail
  • NEWS

    • COPLAN was awarded the certification on the “QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ISO 9001 – 2008” by FONDONORMA
      December 09, 2010.
    • COPLAN handed over to Mr. Víctor Chacín a payment receipt for his Vitrectomy and Intraocular Lens Implant surgery.
      July 21, 2009.
    • COPLAN celebrated its XX Anniversary where workers and their families enjoyed a festive atmosphere.
      August 30, 2009.